Time Warner Email FAQs

Many people over the past few weeks who are Insightbb customers are making the switch to Time Warner.  Here are a few insights you may find helpful in this transition.

Registration & Migrating Insightbb Email Services to TWC Services

1.) First you need to create your twc email account.  To do this you need to follow the registration link https://registration.rr.com

2.) once you complete the registration and create your twc email account you will need to mail merge.  To do this follow this link  https://registration.rr.com/mailmerge  Click on the Move My Mail button.  This process will only take a few seconds but could take up to 48 hours for the mail and contacts to be availabe via TWC webmail.

3.) Once Mail merge is complete your Insightbb mail will be forwarded to your TWC email address.  You will have until June 14th 2014 to notify your contacts that your email address has changed.









4.) Lastly you need to reconfigure your Outlook or Phone mail client to support the TWC email servers.  You need to wait until you receive confirmation that your TWC email account has been setup before you begin this process.

Outlook 2010 Account Settings Screen Shot










If your email address ends with @twc.com:

POP Server Address: mail.twc.com

SMTP Server Address: mail.twc.com


Password Reset Tool


How do I set up additional TWC Mail accounts?


Go to Self Care and log in with your primary email account username and password. Click onCreate New Sub User and fill out the form. Please note: it can take up to five minutes for a new sub-account to become accessible.

Visit our Webmail Step-by-Step for more information about sub-accounts.


Are there any email restrictions?


Yes. To ensure that our email service performs well, we have placed restrictions on the size of email sent and received. Each of your RR.com Mail addresses has an inbox that accommodates 10MB of email and will hold email only for 60 days. However, these limitations rarely affect subscribers because they can use Outlook Express to download email from the inbox and store it on their computer. Likewise, there is a 10MB limitation on the size of any email message that you send. In an effort to prevent spam, we also restrict the number of recipients for a single email.

Subscribers can send emails of up to 30MB in total message size, including attachments. Attachments can be up to 20MB. Subscribers are allowed to send emails to up to 1,000 recipients every 24 hours per IP address. Emails can have up to 99 recipients in each of the To and CC fields.